All users using the site are deemed to have accepted all the articles of the User Agreement below.

All of the blog pages, information pages and shopping pages on our site are managed and operated by Golyatsec. This contract imposes the rights and obligations of the parties on the site that is the subject of the contract, and when the parties accept this contract, they declare that they will fulfill the aforementioned rights and obligations completely, accurately, on time, and within the terms requested in this contract.

1- Intellectual Property Rights

All content, logos, pictures, designs, information and documents on our site, all documents and blog posts on the site belong to Golyatsec and are under the protection of national and international law. Visiting this site or utilizing the services on this site does not grant any right to such intellectual property rights.

Information, document, text, document, picture, logo etc. on the site. The contents may not be reproduced, copied or published. All these content cannot be used in any way without the permission of the property owner.

Projects and works bearing the Golyatsec brand are included in these articles.

2- General Provisions

2.1 Golyatsec always reserves the right to make changes on the blog contents and forum pages presented on the site. Changes made by the site administration do not have to be notified to users.

2.2 Golyatsec reserves the right to change the information, prices and discount dates of the products on the store page on the site at any time, if necessary.

2.3 The user is deemed to have accepted the provisions of the Privacy Policy from the moment he logs in to the site. For this reason, it accepts that it will not claim any rights related to the information collected for general statistical purposes such as IP information, location information, gender and age information collected about the user.

2.4 The user knows and accepts that he will not harm blog pages, forum pages, store pages and all other parts of the site in any way or by any means while using the site, he will accept the damages determined to be caused by him and that he may be subject to criminal sanctions due to such behavior.

2.5 The user accepts in advance that he/she will not act against general morality in the comment sections on the blog page on the site, in the review sections for the products in the store, and on the forum. The membership and access of the user who acts contrary to this situation is restricted or terminated. The user agrees that he will not claim any rights in this case.

2.6 The security of the information to be entered by the user in the payment forms on the store page will be provided by the SITE. In addition, he accepts that he has read and understood the text of the Privacy Policy, how to use the personal information requested in other communication and comment forms on the site.

3- Restriction or Termination of Membership

3.1 Golyatsec site may restrict or terminate the user’s membership if it deems necessary. The information of users whose membership is restricted or terminated will be stored in the system. The user accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will not claim any rights due to the restriction or termination of his/her membership on the site.

3.2 While the membership of users who have made purchases from the store on Golyatsec is restricted or terminated, the delivery of the relevant product or the relevant service is expected to be provided to the buyer. However, Golyatsec has the right to terminate the user’s order along with his membership. In this case, the user will be refunded according to the articles in the distance contracts. The user’s personal information and shopping information are recorded in the system in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The user whose order has been canceled by Golyatsec agrees that he will not claim any rights in this regard other than the rights in distance contracts.

4- Changes to the Contract

Golyatsec has the right to make changes on this user agreement at any time it needs. The site administration is not obliged to inform its users of the changes made on the agreements. For this reason, the user agrees to review the agreements periodically. The user accepts and declares that he will not hold Golyatsec responsible for the material and moral damages he may suffer because he is not aware of the changes made in the contracts, as he is obliged to follow the contracts.

5- Validity Period and Status

This User Agreement is valid from the date it was published or last updated. If one or more of the contract articles become invalid, this will not affect the other articles of the contract and the validity of the other articles will continue.

The user declares that he has read and understood this User Agreement, no matter how he becomes a member of the site, and accepts that he will fulfill the obligations arising from all the articles in its content.