Cybersecurity Services – WordPress
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We will configure the security configuration of your WordPress-based website and provide you with the most secure infrastructure to your visitors-customers in an uninterrupted and reliable way.

The security configuration is presented in accordance with the “OWASP TOP 10” standards.

Service Content (What will we protect?)

✔️ Brute Force Attacks
✔️ SQL Injection Attacks
✔️ DDoS Attacks (Cloudflare Configuration)
✔️ Malware Attacks
✔️ Cross Site Scripting Attacks
✔️ Spam Protection
✔️ Pingback Attacks
✔️ XML-RPC Attacks
✔️ WordPress Core Vulnerabilities
✔️ WordPress File Access Protection (.htaccess, wp-config etc.)
✔️ Content Protection
✔️ Plugin and Theme Vulnerabilities
✔️ File/Directory Surveillance Protection
✔️ Secure Admin Login Page (Secret Login & Email Notifications)
✔️ Secure Files & Database from Hackers
✔️ And more security & privacy settings included.

Configuration content and applied transactions will be reported and sent to you at the end of the transaction.

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