Digital safety starts here for both commercial and personal

In today's world, digital safety is crucial for both personal and commercial activities. At Golyat Security, we offer tailored digital security solutions to protect your online presence from all types of cyber threats. Our cutting-edge technology and expert team ensure that your digital assets remain safe and secure.







Effective Approach for Your Discord Security

Comprehensive Server Protection

We provides a range of security measures to protect the Discord server from various cyber threats, such as malicious attempt, phishing attacks, spam, and more.

Unique Captcha System

We uses a unique captcha system to ensure that new members joining the Discord server are genuine users, preventing bots and spammers from gaining access.

Advanced Modular Architecture

Golyatsec Guard has a flexible design that allows for easy modification of features and functionalities to meet the evolving needs of the Discord server.

Continuous Monitoring

We proactively monitors the server continuously to identify any potential security threats, and takes the necessary actions to prevent security breaches.

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Provides comprehensive security.
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  • Server Protection Module
  • Channel Protection Module
  • Webhook Protection Module
  • Role Protection Module
  • Emoji Protection Module
  • Ad Protection Module
  • Spam Protection Module
  • Swear/Badword Protection Module
  • Caps Lock Protection Module
  • Anti-Everyone Protection Module
  • Intrusion Prevention Module
  • Anti-Raid Protection Module
  • Ban/Kick Limit Protection Module
  • Message Logging System
  • Adjustable Punishment System
  • Whitelist System
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Web Management Panel Support


For those who want to turn their discord guilds into a veritable fortress.

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  • All Free Tier Features
  • Captcha Protection Module
  • Anti-Self Bot Protection Module
  • Risky/Fake Account Protection Module
  • Malicious Link Protection Module
  • Anti-DDoS Protection Module
  • Anti-Ghost Ping Protection Module


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